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Fashion is ever changing and always evolving through time. Our research and development division continuously analyzes, designs, and develops new top selling yarn products in accordance to the market trend. 


We specialize in yarn count 16 up to 100 - Carded, Combed, and Cotton/Cellulosic blends with Viscose, Tencel™, Ecovero™, Refibra™ and Bamboo. Our yarn is made of the finest cotton mainly from USA and is contamination-free. We make Compacted, Doubled, High Twist, Slub, S-twist and Siro.

We proudly carry certification from SuPima®, BCI™ (Better Cotton Initiative), and Cotton USA™. More certifications are ongoing to cater our customers' needs.

Our Team


Our leadership team, which includes the President Director, Plant Director and manager Responsibility, sets the company’s overall direction, and is responsible for all major strategic, financial, and operational decisions.

To maintain our lead in the yarn industry, our team in various divisions in the office and on the field also includes well-trained and experienced professionals, who bring leading-edge expertise and new ideas.

We pride ourselves on growing talent from within and they are valuable assets to the company. As part of the human resources development program, we provides continuous in-house training for our team. 




Our dynamic and friendly marketing department is the bridge between customers and us, manufacturer. We have relations with customers ranging from home industries to integrated manufacturers and export-oriented traders.


Our Shared Values


We are not just looking to do business with our customers, but also to establish strong collaboration and good long-lasting relationship with them. We believe that by bringing innovative and excellent yarn products and unparalleled customer service, we provide our valued customers a sense of trust in our products and services.


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